Mayank Shekhawat

Mayank Shekhawat Techydoo

Hey there!!!

I’m Mayank Shekhawat.

TechyDoo is my little space over the internet!!!

I’m the creator and info-hunter behind TechyDoo.

What began as an easygoing leisure activity for quite a long time while I was functioning as an Associate Business Development Manager has now developed into an all-out business that contacts a huge number of individuals with full plans every month.

Currently, I live in New Delhi, India and I am just about to finish my MBA from Amity University in Marketing and Sales. Also, I did my graduation engineering BTech. degree in Computer Science from Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

Being from a technical background I was always focused on learning new technological changes and advancements in the tech industry.

After completion of my BTech, I was searching for a company where I could enhance my tech skills as well as gain more skills.

So, I joined a Digital Marketing agency as an Associate Business Development Manager to be in regular connection with the industry as well as up my game by learning digital marketing.

After 2 years, I decided to give job life a pause and gain the most important knowledge of Marketing. For this, I joined an MBA program specialized in Marketing and Sales.

My go-to things in life are searching for new technological changes and sharing them with my audience with a complete overview.

Also, I am an expert in sharing complete reviews about new products and services for my audience.


Technology, Software and Gadgets

TechyDoo is an online Blog by Mayank Shekhawat created so as to help people who are in search of:

  1. Latest trends in the technology sector.
  2. Reviews on the products which are available in the market. 
  3. Online help for making any purchase decision.
  4. Various product choices are available in the market. You are the one to select your best choice among the lot.