What Is Technology And How It Evolved?

What is technology and how it evolved

We are living in a digital world where we share our views and opinions with others through technology. Through this article, we will be discussing what is technology and how it evolved. So let’s start the discussion with what is technology? Definition Of Technology Technology is basically a mixture of various skills that are used … Read more

How Effects Of Technology Impact A Child?

Effects Of technology on Children

Definition Of Technology: Technology is simply the use of someone’s knowledge to invent new devices or products. If I go deep into the facts about it then invention only occurs when there is a genuine need for it. Nobody will ever invent something if there is no actual requirement by people. This actually is because … Read more

Urban Mining: All Facts That You Need To Know

Urban Mining All Facts to Know

What is Urban Mining? Urban mining has the main objective of safeguarding the environment and promoting resource conservation through reuse, recycling, and recovery of secondary resources from waste. Urban mining maximizes the resource and economic value of the waste streams generated in urban spaces and will be a significant concept in the planning and designing … Read more

Parent Company Of 5 Top Apps Which You Use Everyday

Parent Company of Top 5 Apps

So, we are here to discuss the parent company of 5 top apps which you use daily. Till the ’80s or ’90s, food, material, water, and rooftop implied fundamental things. Quick forward today, the rundown of basic things is developing. Has the importance of ‘basic’ changed or has innovation jumped in a way that it … Read more