CBL-Mariner: New Linux Added By Microsoft In Azure Stack

Recently, there’s a Linux Systems Group at Microsoft which has built up various items – some for clients and accomplices and others for inward use. One of this present gathering’s expectations is an inner Linux dispersion. This is for use inside Microsoft’s cloud foundation, edge item, and the administration that is known as CBL-Mariner.

Also, Microsoft has made CBL-Mariner accessible on GitHub as of late.

Microsoft’s Linux Systems Group

Microsoft Linux System Groups

With a consistently developing number of Microsoft Linux pieces and circulations, there’s currently an official Linux Systems Group that handles a significant part of the organization’s Linux work.

This incorporates an Azure-tuned bit accessible as patches for some basic Linux disseminations, advancing them for use with Microsoft’s Hyper-V hypervisor, and a bunch of devices to help convey strategy based requirement of framework respectability, making dispersions safer and overseeing updates and fixes across huge bequests of Linux workers and virtual machines.

The group as of late delivered another Linux conveyance: CBL-Mariner.

In spite of the fact that the delivery is public, a lot of its utilization isn’t, as it is essential for the Azure framework, which utilizes for its edge network administrations, and as a feature of its cloud foundation.

The outcome is a low-overhead, firmly engages dispersion that is less about what’s in it, and considerably more about what runs on it.

InfoWorld’s take on CBL-Mariner

Linux CBL-Mariner

InfoWorld as of late distributes data about Microsoft’s CBL-Mariner (which is the place where I previously knew about this conveyance).

As InfoWorld notes, despite the fact that CBL-Mariner is a public delivery, it intends on Microsoft’s own utilization.

However, it’s a lightweight Linux circulation that could be important for Microsoft’s developing 5G/edge organizing plans in its Azure for Operators unit, as InfoWorld notes.

Infoworld adds that before, Red Hat’s CoreOS used to be the favored host for Linux holders, however, it’s recently been censured, so clients need another option.

By making its own conveyance for its cloud administrations, Microsoft can refresh and deal with the host and compartment occurrences on its own timetable, InfoWorld adds.

Microsoft’s initial CBL-Mariner Commit

CBL-Mariner Microsoft

Microsoft made its underlying CBL-Mariner submit on GitHub four months back. It’s accessible under a MIT License.

I’ve approached Microsoft for a rundown items and administrations as of now utilizing CBL-Mariner and if and how it anticipates Microsoft clients and accomplices to utilize CBL-Mariner. No word back up until now.


Update: A representative said Microsoft had nothing more to share on this theme. (Me: Hmmm.)

Update No. 2: So CBL means “Common Base Linux”. Microsoft utilizes CBL-Mariner as the base Linux for compartments in the Azure Stack HCI execution of Azure Kubernetes Service.


CBL-Mariner is one small bunch of Microsoft-created Linux-related expectations from the Linux Systems Group.

Others incorporate the Windows Subsystem for Linux rendition 2 (WSL2), which is essential for Windows 10; an Azure-tuned Linux part which Intends for ideal execution as Hyper-V visitors; and Integrity Policy Enforcement (IPE), a proposed Linux Security Module (LSM) from the Enterprise and Security group.

Microsoft has some other Linux-related ventures it has created in-house, including the Azure Sphere, its Linux-based microcontroller; in addition, to make sure about IoT administration, and SONic, a publicly released working framework for network switches; delivered as a component of its Open Compute Project (OCP) work.

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