How Effects Of Technology Impact A Child?

If you want to know how technology impacts your child, firstly you should know what it has done with you. You should have an understanding as to what extent technology can help you, the same it does for your child. The effects of technology on children should be understood properly.

Before taking you to how technology impacts your child, you should have a proper understanding of it.

Definition Of Technology:

What Do You Mean By Technology
  • Technology is simply the use of someone’s knowledge to invent new devices or products. If I go deep into the facts about it then invention only occurs when there is a genuine need for it. Nobody will ever invent something if there is no actual requirement by people.
  • This actually is because inventors might have come up with some problems put forward to them by their customers. Here, customers are every single person living, because every person has a need to fulfill. So, in order to fulfill their needs, they purchase a product.
  • The way people used to live in the ’90s is completely different from what they are living in now. They did not have enough resources at that point in time which children in this era have.

Now lets discuss the effects of technology on children.

Effects Of Technology On Children

Effects of technology
  • When we speak of the unconscious use of technology, our children are the first ones to come into our minds. If an adult uses technology in a negative way we actually call it a choice.
  • We should understand that our children are also observing us from time to time. Every child’s initial learning starts from their own family. So, by observation power, they gain knowledge and try to apply it.
  • You should keep these things in mind because the child himself doesn’t know what could be disastrous for him. For this, you should know both the positive and negative impacts of technology.
  • Many questions come up in your mind as to what you should allow your kids to do. It can be related to spending time on mobile playing games or surfing the net. Choose a proper plan for your child and always keep a sneaky watch over them.

Firstly, let’s discuss some positive effects of technology on kids.

Positive Effects Of Technology


Here, we will be taking the positive effects of technology on your child. Let’s do it one by one.

1. Helps In Improving IQ

  • So in 2003, a team of Cornell researchers conducted scientific research in 9 different schools. This was done to check the IQ difference between generations. So, it was found that the IQ of the current generation was higher than the previous generation. After that many other difficult IQ tests were done but the results were the same.
  • Researchers say that it is directly connected to technology. The way children are using technology helps them solve complex problems. So, the correct use of technology can help your child with a great increase in IQ.

2. Helps In Developing Mental Skills

  • Education which was provided to the elder generation was way different than it is now. Nowadays, children with the help of various products online can learn more easily. There is a proper instruction manual as to what tasks they should complete in a day.
  • Visual games nowadays are very focused on enhancing a child’s actual capabilities. So, parents should provide visual games to children which they think can help them in their learning process.
  • There are many applications that provide a lot of educational content for children totally free of cost. There are video stories from which children can learn very fast and apply in their real life.
  • Here, parents should have supervision on what apps their child is using and if it can actually benefit them.

3. Helps In Learning Enhancement

  • Internet is a place where there is a lot of information. Everyone goes on the net to solve the problems which they are facing.
  • Children also do that and here they can be given access to an internet library. Children can choose their interest areas and read about them online.
  • Providing such a platform will help them in research and the safe use of the internet comes with this.

4. Helps In Improving Problem Solving Skills

  • You should provide your child with a platform where they can learn some skills and can apply them. When they will apply those skills they will learn different ways of solving a problem.
  • Children have a sharp mind and they grasp more quickly than adults. So, regular application of skills helps them in life also when any problem comes to them. So, educating them in childhood can be helpful for them in the future.

5. Helps In Parental Control In Emergency Situations

  • Educating your child about technology can be helpful to you in case of some extreme situations. If they really need you in an emergency they should be able to connect with you.
  • For this, gift your child a new smartwatch which he will definitely like. You can brief him about the specifications of the watch which will help them to be in connect with you. Guide them to which numbers he can call in case of emergency. You can also define which calls they can take to keep them safe from spam calls.
  • Schools teach a child which numbers they can use in case of emergency. You can add those numbers to their list.

Now, let’s discuss negative effects of technology on kids.

Negative Effects Of Technology


We have discussed the positive effects of technology, so now let’s discuss the negative effects of technology. Overuse of technological resources can cause a negative impact on the behavior of your child.

1. Lowers Attention Duration

  • Children while using technological devices for a long time such as computers, smartphones, or tablets, can cause concentration problems.
  • Most common issues about this can be seen in their academic performance. So, you should keep a check on them as they should use technology and not technology use them.

2. Leads To Less Social Interaction

  • This is a major problem that a lot of kids face when they are continuously playing games. They do not want to leave it as games are made that engaging for children.
  • You should regularly make your child interact with your close members. If he will not get that then they will look for the most common alternative which is playing games.
  • For example, every game has different levels of achievement. So, in order to achieve more and more levels, they tend to play more and more. There is no limit to it and this should not take place.

3. Causes A Lot Of Aggression

  • The imagination level of every child is larger as compared to a normal grown-up. So, they are more vulnerable to what they come across. When they are on the internet they are exposed to a lot of content. There are a lot of videos or games which can be frightening to them (for example Momo).
  • Children are not that mature to handle these situations and that can cause problematic situations for them. These situations can be fear of being alone or not able to go to pee alone.
  • Similarly, when they tend to watch videos over the net, some can carry elements of violence. These elements can actually turn them into getting angry at every situation. So, parents should keep a check on their children and make them consume relevant content.
  • The negative impacts of technology are not limited to only emotional or mental disorders. There are a lot of disadvantages in using technology for a very long duration. This can cause vision problems, neck pain, back problems, etc.
  • For this, parents should keep their child regularly up for outdoor activities so that they can become fit. This will help them burn calories which will take them away from the risk of obesity.

5. Can Lead To Reduced Sleep Quality

  • The negative effects of technology are many more than we have discussed till now. The proper use of technology should be under parental supervision and up to what extent they are using.
  • Children are prone to addiction. Can you make a count on how many times you ask your child to sleep and when they really go? So, you should become strict and clearly not allow anything like this.

What can we conclude after reading all this?


So, after going through all the above discussion I can say that the prime responsibility lies with parent. The parent has all the power which they can use so as to make their child use positive’s of technology. Parent should not let a single opportunity pass away in order to educate him about the positives of technology.

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