5 Indian Tech Bloggers To Follow in 2021

Blogs about technology are very popular in India. So, there are a lot of tech blogs coming up daily. The interest among the people in technology in India is quite high because India is a developing country. So, people are more into learning new trends in technology which they don’t know. Here, we are taking up a list of the top 5 Indian Tech bloggers whom you can follow in 2021.

Top Indian Tech Bloggers List:

1. Amit Agarwal – Father of Indian Blogging

amit agarwal indian tech blogger labnol

Firstly, in our list comes Mr Amit Agarwal.

Amit Agarwal is known as the father of Indian Blogging because he is the first Indian professional blogger.

He is an IIT Roorkee graduate where he did his Computer Science Engineering. He graduated from there in 1999 and started his first job with ADP INC in Hyderabad.

After working for 5 years he decided to start a tech blog named labnol.org in 2004.

His company digital inspiration, where he shares his ideas about various hidden factors of technology. He also has a section where you can ask any questions related to technology.

Domain Authority- 85/100

You can check his life story here.

You can also check his inspirational interview by BlogAdda-

2. Harsh Agarwal – Top-Earning Indian Tech Blogger

harsh agarwal indian tech blogger shoutmeloud

Secondly, in our list comes Mr Harsh Agarwal.

Harsh Agarwal’s ShoutMeLoud.com is a blog which he started as a hobby in 2008.

Through his blog, he shares ideas about SEO, social media, starting a blog, and how to make money online.

He is a graduate of Sharda University where he got a job in Accenture While he was waiting to join Accenture he joined Convergys call center as part-time.

There he started his first blog on BlogSpot and on 1st December 2008 he purchased his self-hosted WordPress.

Today he is one of the top-earning bloggers in India.

Domain Authority- 75/100

You can check his life story here.

You can also check his inspirational video by TyrooTech-

3. Shradha Sharma – First Indian Female Blogger

shradha sharma your story

Thirdly, in our list comes Ms Shradha Sharma.

Shradha Sharma is the founder of YourStory.com a platform for startups and entrepreneurs.

Before starting YourStory she was working as an assistant vice president at CNBC.

YourStory is the biggest startup media house in India which started in 2008.

She has a huge monthly audience of over 10 lakh where she shares inspirational interviews of the biggest Indian Leaders.

Domain Authority- 83/100

You can check her life story here.

You can also check her inspirational video by INKtalks

4. Kulwant Nagi – An Action Taker

kulwant nagi affiliate marketer bloggingcage

Next up in our list is Mr Kulwant Nagi.

Kulwant Nagi is a pro affiliate marketer where he shares product reviews and generates huge revenue.

He started his journey with a MLM company where he was asked to start a bog by his colleagues.

So, from this he gave a thought on blogging and generating revenue through it.

Above all, on 15th January 2012, he started his own blog named BloggingCage.com where he shares tips for blogging.

He comes from a very small city of Haryana ‘Fatehabad’. After BloggingCage he started many other blogs like KnowledgeCage.com.

Domain Authority- 42/100

You can check his life story here.

You can also check his inspirational video by Satish K Videos-

5. Ankit Singla – Master of Hardwork

ankit singla masterblogging

Lastly, in our list comes Ankit Singla.

MasterBlogging is one of the most emerging blogs in India.

Ankit Singla is the founder of MasterBlogging.com where he shares his ideas about blogging, technology, and ways to earn money.

Therefore, he is known as a master of pure hardwork.

So, his journey started 11 years ago in blogging.

During an interview, he shared that he lost some money while doing an MLM business. From then he took up blogging full time and is a full-time blogging coach.

Domain Authority- 45/100

You can check his life story here.

You can also check his inspirational video by Satish K Videos-

In conclusion, I would like to say that they are a true source of inspiration, and if somebody wants inspiration you can follow how they work.

So, this was our list of the top 5 Indian tech bloggers. I am sure there are many more with a lot of potential for tech blogging because India is a developing tech country. We are also tech bloggers so we also need your support in our journey.

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