10 Interesting Facts About Technology That You Should Know

Today, we are going to discuss 10 interesting facts about technology.

Technology is a topic which is very much close to our heart because we are using it daily.

We all know that technology is going to be the future of the world. Still, we don’t know some facts about technology that we should know.

Here, we are going to share facts about many products and some tech giants like Google.

So, are you ready to explore 10 interesting facts about technology?

Here we go with our top 10 facts!!

#1 Do you know what is Phantom Vibration Syndrome?

phone in pocket

So, I am sure that we all have experienced this.

Yes, Phantom Vibration Syndrome is when you think that your phone is vibrating but it isn’t.

Facts say that this happens whenever we are using our phone more than the required level.

#2 Do you know the total number of Google searches every day?

Google Search Some interesting Facts

The total number of Google searches per day is more than 7.5 billion which is a very big number.

According to a study (ahrefs) most visited websites in US are YouTube (with 1,625,928,544 searches); Wikipedia (with 1,032,257,682); Twitter with (535,672,329 searches); and Facebook (with 512,517,207).

#3 Do you know how many people use Google as spellcheck?


97% of people use Google as a spellcheck resource and search for correct spellings.

Spellcheck means if someone is confused about the correct spelling of a word then they do a Google search.

#4 Do you know the original name of Yahoo?

Yahoo Some interesting Facts

The original domain which yahoo used was akebono.standford.edu.

The word Yahoo came from a slang by Gulliver’s Travels.

#5 Do you know how many people still use dial-up?

dial up connection

Yes, some rural areas in America still use the dial-up connection service.

This is because it is not affordable for them to get high-speed internet.

Roughly 2 million people are still using the AOL dial-up service.

#6 Do you know Nintendo did not start as a gaming company


Nintendo was started way back in 1889 where there were no video games.

They were a playing card manufacturing company from 1889 to 1956 and then they became a gaming company.

They still manufacture cards and have a dedicated tournament for it called “Nintendo Cup”.

#7 Do you know your Alexa listens to your conversations?

amazon alexa Some interesting Facts

Yes, your own Alexa records your conversations for providing a better experience.

Apple’s Siri is also using the same technology.

You can delete these recordings if you don’t want them.

#8 Do you know the domain name registration used to be free?

domain names

Nobody knew that the internet would be so big one day way back in 1995.

Amazon started its operation in 1994 and sold the first book in 1995 from Jeff Bezos garage. Check amazon facts and technologies.

Registering a domain was free till 1995, then it was $100 for 2 years initially.

#9 Do you know what was Apple’s first logo?

apple Some interesting Facts

The first apple logo was created by Ronald Wayne back in 1976.

The logo depicts Sir Isaac Newton sitting beneath a tree and an apple about to fall on him.

When you look clearly at the logo it depicts “Newton A mind forever voyaging through strange seas of thought alone”.

#10 Did you know Firefox logo isn’t actually a fox?

firefox Some interesting Facts

Yes, it’s a most common myth that Firefox is named after a fox.

The actual Firefox logo shows a cute Red Panda.

Watch the video to gain some bonus tech facts by “Fact Techz”



This data brings us to the conclusion that technology has a lot of hidden facts that need to be uncovered.

Here, we have tried to uncover some facts about technology but there are many more.

Technology is always going to grow day by day and some of its facts will always be hidden.

So, if you are a genuine tech geek then you should regularly be checking up on the hidden facts.

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