What Is 5G Technology? A Simple And Short Explanation

What is 5G technology? 5G is the next-generation wireless technology that will definitely change how everyone works. We have all seen the phases of how technology has changed from time to time and gotten better every day. So, today we will know everything about what is 5G technology and how it will impact the future of networking.

What Is 5G Technology?

What is 5G technology
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To begin with, Technology is not a new term to us and we know what it can do.

5G is simply the future technology that will be making an impact on how people live their daily lives.

As it is the next generation of technology so it will be able to keep more connections possible than 4G.

5G is coming up with a lot of improvements which will give rise to a lot of tech products.

It began its operation from the United States of America form 2018. Since then it is still developing and the potential of 5G is pretty big.

Why 5G Technology?

why 5g technology
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Today, there are a lot of companies that are fighting to be the first to get this technology.

Every country is also fighting for this so as to be the first to access it throughout their country.

This all is just because 5G is new and it will be the future of how things will operate.

The one who will be able to get this first will be able to capture the market by releasing early products.

5G is not only beneficial for companies or countries as it will be useful for consumers too.

What Are The Benefits Of 5G Technology?

5G Benefits
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The first thing which comes to our mind when we talk about 5G is “Speed”.

The next major thing that 5G offers is a huge bandwidth and a lot more space for devices to connect.

This means that when there are a lot of people in an area there will be no disconnections.

It will give rise to many new tech products which we always dreamt of like autopilot cars.

5G will play a major role in reducing latency in the case to get a response from the server.

The faster communication process with cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

How Does It Work?

how does it work
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If companies want to get full benefits of 5G there should be an addition in their cell towers.

The 3 different types of networks are:

  • A Low Bandwidth Network: It has a wider coverage area than 4G but only 20% faster than it.
  • A Mid-Bandwidth Network: It consists of a perfect balance between speed and coverage.
  • A High Bandwidth Network: It consists of very fast speed but the signal travel speed is hampered.

Telecom brands that are trying to build a 5G network must have a large number of small cell sites.

These cell sites should be closer to each other in order to build a superfast network. To achieve these companies are establishing a superfast network city by city.

This will help companies create a broader and faster network and faster than their competitors.

What Will Be The Download Speed?

what is the download speed of 5th generation
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Till date, there is no specific knowledge about what speed will 5G offer.

  • According to GSMA, it will be 10 times faster than 4G.
  • According to some experts, it will be 100 times faster than 4G.

From this we will be able to download a 2 hour movie in 10 seconds, than approx. 10 minutes in 4G.

What will be the actual downloading speed will depend of factors like:

  • Location
  • Network Traffic
  • Telecom Provider

How To Use It?

uses of 5G

In order to use 5G, consumers must be having 5G enabled devices.

There are a lot of companies that have launched 5G enabled phones in the market, like Samsung, One Plus, etc.

Recently, Apple also introduced 5G enabled iPhone 12.

Some big brands are also working to get their personal 5G Network to stay ahead in the game.

What Are The Drawbacks?

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However, 5G is not quick through the process and it will take time to spread.

According to GSMA, it will take 5 years for half the population to use 5G, that is around 2025.

5G will be helpful according to the above-mentioned points, there can be a risk of security also here as it is at last a technology only.

There can be a security risk while building autopilot cars or other such gigs.


There is a lot to say that will 5G benefit the situation or worsen it but it will be a new future. This can be seen that a lot of companies are running a rat race to get it faster. Lastly, 5G is the future and how it will change the working conditions, we have to see that.

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